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Everzure™ Galdieria

Everzure™ Galdieria is a natural, phycocyanin color, similiar to spirulina. It is made via simple water extraction from the microalgae Galdieria sulphuraria. Because of the microalgae's natural environment, the color produced is more acid stable than spirulina, allowing it to be used in a wider range of applications like beverages!

Galdieria vs. spirulina

how do they compare?

Both of these beautiful natural blue colors come from similar sources, but how do they perform in applications? What are they labelled? Check out the infographic to learn more.

Galdieria vs Spirulina image

Why fermentation?

Traceability, of course!

Fermentation is a method of growing our microalgae in a sterile, 'closed system'. This means there is no impact from the external environment as can be found with an open pond system, giving us more control over the process. It also allows us to scale up quickly without using large amounts of land, water, and power so you get: 

  • Complete traceability from start to finish
  • A pure product with no external contaminants
  • Reliable supply year-round
  • A quality, consistent product
  • Peace of mind with your supply and environmental impact

want to learn more?

check out these resources:

How we test acid stability

It's critical that a color remains vibrant when exposed to different pHs. That's why we test our colors in a variety of conditions. Learn how we test our colors' acid stability in the below video!

Solubility of Everzure™ galdieria

The solubility of a natural color is important for ease of use in food manufacturing. That's why we developed Galdieria blue to be a quick-mixing, low dusting powder. See how it compares to spirulina in the below video!

How Everzure™ galdieria is made

One way we can make natural colors that is not commonly known is through fermentation. In this article we walk you through how galdieria blue extract is made using this technology.


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